Top Ten Fastest Cars In The World

Top Ten Fastest Cars In The World

A handful of automotive companies are always trying to best each other on making the worlds fastest production car. Records are broken and set until the next supercar comes along and takes the title. Most come with a hefty price tag and horrible gas mileage, but it’s all worth it, with blistering speed that only some get to experience. Here is the 2013 Top Ten Fastest Cars in the World.
We only include production, street-legal cars that are on the market. No concepts, track, or modified cars. All top speeds have to tested and verified in order to be on our list.

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2013 List of  The Top Ten Fastest Cars In The World


1. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – 268 mp

Engine Type: 8.0-Liter W-12 Quad-Turbocharged Transmission: 7 Speed DSG Automated Manual
Top Speed: 268 mph (431 km/h) Curb Weight: 4052 lbs (1837 kilo)
0-60 mph: 2.4 seconds Power: 1200 hp @ 6400 rpm
0-100 mph: 4.9 seconds Torque: 1106 lb-ft
1/4 Mile: 9.9 seconds Price: $2,400,000

The Bugatti Veyron SuperSport is among the worlds finest hypercars, claiming more than the title of the worlds fastest car. Since 2010 other supercar manufactures have been trying to take away the title from Bugatti’s Flagship model but none have officially done so.  After failing to claim the top spot for the worlds fastest car back in 2007 against the SSC Ultimate Aero, Bugatti got their engineers together and produced the Veyron SS which broke the record in Germany in July 10, 2010.Ever since the Bugatti has been a staple in the industry as one of the fastest but most expensive cars the world has ever seen. Who will challenge and take away the record from Bugatti?Only time will tell.

2. Hennessey Venom GT – 265.7 mph

Engine Type: 6.2-liter Twin-Turbocharged V-8 Transmission: Ricardo 6-Speed Manual
Top Speed: 265.7 mph (427.6 km/h) Curb Weight: 2,743 lbs (1,244 kilo)
0-60 mph: 2.7 seconds Power: 1244 hp @ 6500 rpm
0-200 mph: 15.9 seconds Torque: 1155 lb-ft @ 4200 rpm
1/4 Mile: 9.9 seconds Price: $1,200,000

Looks like a Lotus but performs like no other car. The highly modified Lotus Exige chassis, aka the Venom GT not only claims the 2nd place in this top ten list but recently has set a new Guinness World Record for an average 0-186 mph (0-300 km/h) acceleration time of 13.63 seconds, making it the quickest production car in the world. Not the fastest but the quickest. However serveral months later, Hennessey released another video showing the Venom GT reaching a top speed of 265.7 mph, making it the fastest production car according to John Hennessey:

“While a Veyron Super Sport did run 267.8 mph, Bugatti speed-limits its production vehicles to 258 mph. Thus, at 265.7 mph the Venom GT is the fastest production car available to the public.”

However after a week of investigations by Guinness World Record, they have returned the title back to the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, since customers can have Bugatti turn off of the speed limiter, enabling the Super Sport to reach the top speed.

Manufactured in a plant in Sealy Texas, the Venom GT production is limited to just 10 vehicles per year.

3. Koenigsegg Agera R – 260 mph

Engine Type: 5.0-liter Twin-Turbo V8 Transmission: 7-Speed Dual Cutch
Top Speed: 260 mph Curb Weight: 3163 lbs (1435 kilo)
0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds Power: 1115 hp @ 6900 rpm
Price: $1,600,000 Torque: 885 lb-ft

Sweden’s Koenigsegg has always been developing and designing rare and exotic supercars for the past decade. Their designs stick out from the rest of the industry. Arguably one of the worlds best looking car, it is the speed that catches the eyes of motor heads. The Koenigsegg Agera R was announced at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and since then it has broken many land speed records for a production car including 0-186 mph (0-300 km/h) in just 14.53 seconds surpassing that of the Bugatti Veyron SS. Obviously that has now been broken by the Venom GT.The Koenigsegg Agera R runs more efficiently on bio-fuel called E85, meaning that it produces 180 more horsepower than a tank on petrol. A year later at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show Koenigsegg released a series of updates for the upcoming 2013 Agera R, including a set of hollow carbon fiber wheels, new suspension system, a lightweight rear exhaust system, and a increase on the rev limiter from 7,250 to 7,500 rpm.

4. SSC Ultimate Aero TT – 257 mph

Engine Type: 6.3-liter Twin-Turbocharged V-8 Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Top Speed: 257 mph (413 km/h) Weight: 2750 lbs (1247 kg)
0-60 mph: 2.8 seconds Power: 1287 hp @ 6075 rpm
1/4 mile: 9.9 seconds Torque: 1112 lb-ft @ 6150 rpm
0-100 mph: —————- Price: $654,000

The SSC Ultimate Aero TT’s speed was tested in late 2007 in West Richland, WA, with Guinness World Records there to verify it. The American mid-engined supercar’s record held for almost 3 years until the Bugatti Veyron SS came along.Produced by SSC’s ( formerly known as Shelby Super Cars) Jerod Shelby who envisioned the car and who later designed it. The Aero is not longer in production but what is more exicting is SSC’s latest creation the Tuatara, which SSC projects it’s top speed will be 276 mph.

5. Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record – 254 mph

Engine Type: Quad-Turbocharged 7.9-liter W16 Transmission: 7-Speed Dual Clutch
Top Speed: 254.04 mph (408.84 km/h) Weight: —————-
0-60 mph: 2.6 seconds Power 1,200 horsepower
Price: $2,600,000 Torque: 1,106 lb-ft of torque

 The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Car (WRC) now official becomes the worlds fastest convertible in the world. The record was attempted at Volkswagen Group’s proving grounds in Ehra-Lessien, a 5.6 mile test track.The Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse WRC was driven by Chinese racing driver, Anthony Liu Sporting a dual orange and black color scheme, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Car comes equipped with a quad-turbocharged 7.9-liter W16 engine that produces 1,200 horsepower and 1,106 lb-ft of torque. The engine is matted to a seven speed dual-clutch transmission. Along with a top speed of 254.04 mph (408.84 km/h) the model can accelerate from 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) in just 2.6 seconds.

Only 8 of the special edition models will be produced with a hefty price tag of $2.60 million ( €1.9/£1.69 million).

6. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo – 248 mph

Engine Type: Twin-Turbo V8 Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Top Speed: 248 mph (399 km/h) Weight: 2950 lbs (1338 kg)
0-60 mph: 2.8 seconds Power: 750 hp @ 6300 rpm
Price: $555,000 Torque: 700 lb ft @ 4800 rpm

Among the fastest cars in the world this carbon fiber, hand built, American supercar was debuted in 2005, after replacing the S7.  Saleen added a pair of turbo chargers which ramped up the horsepower to 750 and they reworked the rear spoiler and front/rear diffusers to increase downforce by 60%.The S7 Twin Turbo was a limited production car that was designed Phil Frank , funded by Hidden Creek, Ray Mallock Ltd was needed for chassis development , and Steve Saleen first came up with the concept, and he was in charge of overseeing his team.

7. Koenigsegg CCX - 245 mph

Engine Type: 4.8 Liter V8 Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Top Speed: 245 mph (395 km/h) Weight: 2821 lbs (1280 kilo)
0-60 mph: 3.2 seconds Power 806 hp
Price: $540,000 Torque: 678.6 ft lbs @ 5700 rpm

Assembled in Ängelholm, Sweden, Koenigsegg wanted the CCX to be available to customers in the U.S. They achieved this by designing the engine to run on 91 octane fuel, which then in part, meet the United States emission standards. Not only had the entered the U.S market but Koenigsegg made a very fast car.More amazingly the Koengisegg CCX managed 14 mpg in combined cycle and 18 mpg in highway travel. With having tested Koenigsegg’s capability as a company to produce fast cars, they have since moved on to bigger projects, including the Agera R.

8. McLaren F1 – 240 mph

Engine Type: BMW S70/2 60 Degree V12 Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
Top Speed: 240 mph Weight: 2513 lbs (1140 kg)
0-60 mph: 3.2 seconds Power: 627 hp @ 7400 rpm
0-100 mph: 6.3 seconds Torque: 479 ft-lbs @ 4000 rpm
1/4 Mile: 11.1 seconds Price: $970,000

It’s amazing to think that 20 years ago McLaren began to build to the legendary F1 and almost 15 years ago they set the world record for the worlds fastest production car. Back then it was thought that the record would stand the test of time and for many years it did.The McLaren F1 revolutionized the auto industry and car makers tried desperately to analyze and to understand the technology that the was in the F1, which was way ahead of it’s time. Only 106 F1?s were made and till this day it remains one of the world’s greatest road cars that we have seen.

9. Zenvo ST1 – 233 mph

Engine Type: Turbocharged and Supercharged 7.0L V8 Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Top Speed: 233 mph (374 km/h) Weight: 3034 lb (1,376 kg)
0-60 mph: 3.0 seconds Power 1104 hp @ 6,900 rpm
Price: $1,225,000 Torque: 1055 lb ft @ 4500 rpm

8th on the list of  the Fastest Cars in the World, is the Zenvo ST1. With production being limited to only 3 cars per year and a grand total of 15 cars to be produced, the Zenvo ST1 has put Denmark on the map in terms of the supercar industry.The 7.0 liter V8 has both a turbocharger and supercharger strapped to it, propelling it to a top speed of 233 mph. Not only is Denmark’s first supercar fast and unique, but it comes at a price, roughly $1.225 million. Though you do get a free $50,000 watch if you have enough cash to to buy a Zenvo ST1.

10. Pagani Huayra – 230 mph

Engine Type: 6.0-Liter Twin-Turbocharged V-12 Transmission: 7-Speed Automated-Manual
Top Speed: 230 mph (Dry) Weight: 3,000 lbs (1,350 kg)
0-60 mph: 3.3 Seconds Power 730 hp
(Est) Price: $1,300,000 Torque: 740 lb-ft

The Pagani Huayra (why-rah) is named after the “God of Winds” from the Inca Empire. The name suits the car very well as it’s among the fastest cars in the world. The Huayra replaces the outgoing Zonda . The Huayra features a twin-turbo Mercedes-AMG 60° 6.0 liter V-12 engine that produces a whopping 730 horsepower and 740 lb·ft of torque.Interior consists of gauges and futuristic looking materials that we have become custom too when talking about a Pagani. The Italian car maker adds gull-wing doors to the supercar, as if it wasn’t unique enough.

10. Pagani Huayra – 230 mph

Engine Type: 6.3-liter V-12 Transmission: 7-Speed Twin-Clutch Auto
Top Speed: est. 230 mph (370 km/h) Weight: 2,767 lbs (1,255 kg)
0-60 mph: under 3 seconds Power 950 hp
0-186 mph (300 km/.h): 15 seconds Torque: 664 lb-ft of torque
Price: est. $1.300,000 Production Limit: 499

Italian for “the Ferrari”, LaFerrari features a 6.3-liter V-12 engine and a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The V-12 alone produces a whopping 789 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and 516 lb-ft of torque at 6,750. Ferrari didn’t stop there and they continued to add power by strapping on an electric motor, or otherwise known as a HY-KERS hybrid setup(Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which is good for an additional 161 hp for a total of 950 hp and more than 664 lb-ft of torque.LaFerrari is tenth on our list for the World’s Fastest Cars and can sprint from 0-60 in under 3 seconds, 0-186 (300 km/h) in 15 seconds, and reach a top speed estimated of 230 mph ( 370 km/h). Limited to 499 units, the Enzo successor will have a price tag around $1.3 million.

Runners Up:

Noble M600 - 225 mph

Engine Type: Yamaha 4.4 liter Twin Turbo V8 Transmission: 6 Speed Manual
Top Speed: 225 mph (362 km/h) Weight: 2810 lb (1275 kilo)
0-60 mph: 3.0 seconds Power 650 hp @ 6800 rpm
Price: $330,000 Torque: 604 ft lbs @ 3800 rpm

Handbuilt in Leicestershire, England, the M600 features a  twin turbocharged Volvo V8, which is used in both the Volvo XC90 and S80 without the twin turbocharger of course. Price is set at $330,000 in the United States.Till this day the 2 seater coupe remains Noble’s flagship model and only current model that is on sale. Only 50 units of the Noble M600 are made every year and with the price as low as it is compared to the other cars on this list, it really sets itself apart.

Gumpert Apollo - 225 mph

Engine Type: Audi 4.2 liter bi-turbo V8 Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic-Manual
Top Speed: 225 mph (362 km/h Weight: 2425 lbs (1200)
0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds Power: 700 hp
Price: $240,000 Torque: 627 ft lbs @ 4500 rpm

Germany’s own Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur remains one of greatest supercar manufactures in the world. The rear-wheel Gumpert Apollo stands out from the crowd with it’s gull-wing doors and extravagant looking body kit.Gumpert has claimed that the design of the Apollo is optimized so that the car could drive upside-down in a tunnel if driven at sufficiently high speeds (over 190 mph), but this has not been tested. The 2006 model squeaks just under our Top Ten List of the Fastest Cars in the World

Lamborghini Veneno - 221 mph

Engine: 6.5-Liter Naturally-Aspirated V12 Transmission: 7-Speed ISR Robotized Manual
Top Speed: 221mph Weight: 3,190 lbs (1,450 kg)
0-60 mph: 2.8 seconds Power 750 hp
Price: $3,900,000 Total Made: 3

The worlds most expensive car, the Lamborghini Veneno is not only $3.9 million but also can top out at 221 mph. Lamborghini went ahead and upgraded the Aventador’s 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 to produce 750 horsepower and strapped in a seven-speed ISR robotized manual gearbox which is then connected to an all-wheel drive system. 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds.Though the Veneno is mainly used for the track, we have included it on our list for the Fastest Cars in the World because it is street legal.

Ascari A10 – 220 mph

Engine Type: BMW V8 Transmission: 6 Speed manual
Top Speed: 220 mph (354 km/h) Weight: 2822 lbs (1280 kg)
0-60 mph: 2.8 seconds Power: 600 hp
Price: $650,000 Torque: 413 lb-ft @ 5500 rpm

Assembled in Banbury, England, this British supercar was designed by a Dutch millionaire by the name of Klaas Zwart. The A10 shares the same basic carbon fibre chassis as the KZ1, a race car that participated in the Spanish GT Championships.As of today only 50 were ever made. The Ascari A10 just barely missed our list of the fastest cars in the world for 2013, so we thought it was worth mentioning.

Aston Martin One-77 – 220 mph

Engine Type: 7.3L V12 Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic-Manual
Top Speed: 220 mph (353.9 km/h) Weight: 3307 lbs (1500 kilo)
0-60 mph: 3.4 seconds Power 750 hp
Price: $1,850,000 Torque: 533 lb-ft

There was only 77 made, hence the name and with a price tag of $1.85 million, it is the rarest Aston Martin out there. The One-77 features a full carbon fibre monocoque chassis, a handcrafted aluminium body, and a naturally aspirated 7.3 liter V12 engine.Aston Martin originally estimated the One-77 to top out at a speed of 200 mph, but later in 2009 the One-77 was tested and actually showed a figure of 220 mph.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 – 217 mph

Engine Type: 6.5 liter V12 Transmission: 7-Speed ISR
Top Speed: 217 mph (350 km/h) Weight: 3472 lbs (1,575 kg)
0-60 mph: 2.9 seconds Power 700 hp @ 8250 rpm
Price: $387,000 Torque: 509 lb-ft @ 5500 rpm

Though it doesn’t quite make it on the Top Ten Fastest Cars in the World list, it comes pretty close. Unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Aventador was designed to replace the ten-year-old Murciélago as the new flagship model in the Lamborghini lineup starting in 2011. Since then, Lamborghini has been at work taking orders, as the model has become arguably the most popular supercar on the globe over the past 2 years.Inspired by the Reventon, the LP 700-4 is capable of spiting fire out the rear exhaust pipe and there are already new models and concepts coming out based of the success of the Aventador, including the Aventador J and Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster.

McLaren P1 – 217 mph

Engine Type: 3.8 liter twin-turbocharged V8 Transmission: 7-Speed Twin-Clutch Auto
Top Speed: 217 mph (350 km/h) Weight: ———
0-60 mph: under 3 seconds Power 903 hp
0-186 mph (300 km/.h): 17 seconds Torque: 664 lb-ft of torque
Price: $1,150,000 Production Limit: 375

Revealed at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the P1 features a mid-mounted 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8 petrol engine working side by side with an electric motor mounted to the back of the engine and producing up to 176 hp and 192 lb-ft, for a combined output of 903 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque.The rear-wheel McLaren P1 will be hooked up to a single dual-clutch seven-speed gearbox. McLaren P1 might not be as powerful as the V12 LaFerrari, but it almost mocks the performance numbers of the LaFerrari for almost $1.5 million less. Top speed is said to be slated at 217 mph.

Ferrari Enzo – 217 mph

Engine Type: 6.0L V12 Transmission: 6-Speed Manual with Auto-Shift
Top Speed: 217 mph (350 km/h) Curb Weight: 3020 lbs (1369 kg)
0-60 mph: 3.5 seconds Power: 660 hp @ 7800 rpm
Price: $ 670,000 Torque: 657 ft-lbs @ 5500 rpm

10+ years later and the Ferrari Enzo still remains one of the fastest cars in the world. The Enzo is a 12 cylinder mid-engine berlinetta named after the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. Only 400 Enzo’s were ever produced during 2002 through 2004, at a price of $670,000.Check out our other Top Tens:  Top Ten Most Expensive Cars    Top Ten Fastest Cars From 0-60